It’s been awhile since I wrote another post, but yeah, here we go~
We’ve been hanging out so much this week. I wanted to write about one of those days.

Today was lovely. First I walked to your house to have a nice hang out. While walking, I remembered i wanted to buy you nail polish so i walked back and headed toward WalGreens. I bought you the package but i think i could’ve bought more. After I bought it, I walked outside and then i was going to put in my money in my wallet. Then i realized I lost $10 !!! I was so heated. It flew out of my hand when i wasn’t even looking. i cried my eyes out. I walked to Jinia’s house right after and entered her house then I went into her room. She followed me and noticed the nail polish. I wanted to surprise her but her nosy butt peeked. It’s okay. She was happy, and probably still is. :) We ate Kapiet after. It was my first time eating it. I’m just so Americanized. Then we did homework and chilled with Pandora on for about an hour or so.  Jinia likes punk and contemporary music. :3 After a nice study session, we went to Pac East and Target. It was fun shopping with Jinia. Overall, It was a lovely day. I had an awesome week with you, Jinia. I hope you did too. I love you. I’m sorry that i haven’t been bloggin’. I’ll try to do more! Until then, bye Bubbi! <3

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So I wonder if Korra ever realizes that she fucked Katara in a past life.





Seriously. Does it ever occur to her?

Maybe one day she’ll be like “Hey Tenzin! I FUCKED YOUR MOM,” and moonwalk away like a boss.



“Korra, you lack proper focus.”

“That’s not what your mom said last life.”

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man, life is boring

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